Saturday, 17 January 2009


Ok so I can't settle to one thing. I have work to do and it's lying on the floor here like the proverbial elephant in the room. Nobody mentions it - we all just step over it. So instead I have cleaned the house from top to bottom, done lots of washing including the hand wash stuff and now updating this. But tonight I honestly MUST get this done tut.

So this week lots of things have just plodded along. Still making lots and lots and lots of these

Also made a card for my lovely mother-in-law, whose birthday it is on Monday. We are really looking forward to getting out to California and spending some time together this summer.

Harry Potter socks are coming along too - just managing to grab the odd ten minutes here and there but I love watching the pattern of the yarn as it takes shape.

Kaz has also tagged me to name 5 addictions so here goes

1) Coffee - not original I know but I can't get through a morning without it not would I want to lol

2) Crafting - but here I am fickle in this regard, I will happily drift from one craft to another but I will always have something on the go.

3) paper - I cannot help but buy beautiful paper. I don't even do so much scrapbooking at the moment, not that I have any burning desire to take scissors to most of it - I just like to take it out and look at it

4) Crime shows - especially CSI (all of them!), Criminal Minds, Law and Order (all of them) etc etc - the list goes on and on

5) Schedules - I hate lateness, some things are just supposed to happen at certain times. I'm sure this one is fuelled both by my parents being hung up on having a schedule and the fact that Jim and Stuart would both be late for absolutely everything!!

I'm always awful at picking people to tag - I don't want to put people under pressure nor do I want to leave anyone out who would want to play so if you feel inclined to play go for it!

Right enough stalling - to the books!