Sunday, 26 October 2008


I had a great day out with Kaz yesterday at the Craft Show at the SECC. We always have such a laugh - same warped sense of humour I guess. I was going to say it is so nice to have a craft buddy nearby to get together with but over time we have become real friends who just happen to craft too, it's great!

Yesterday we were quite restrained and only really bought necessities (honest guv!). I got some gorgeous new Christmas stamps that I will start working with this week and also picked up the little dancer that I have used on my card for this week's Craftaway-a-Sunday's challenge. Sarah set us the theme of sweet and I have been looking for the right moment to use these sweet wrappers from some chocolate I brought home from Paris in the summer. They fitted in well with the concept. Hope you like it.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

New books

Last couple of weeks I have been trawling the web somewhat and have stumbled on and purchased the following 3 books, in the pursuit of domestic goddessness - lol!
All very fabulous and all very different.

Blankets and Throws to Knit - next big project for us in here is to completely makeover our bedroom and I would love to have a quilt or throw for over the foot of the bed that I have made. Originally I was going with the the quilting idea but that was far too scary so was delighted to purchase this book. All the balnkets are knitted in squares and then pieced together so it is really manageable as projects go. They are all very different - I particulary love the shape of this one - although I don't think it will be the one I go for.

The instructions are great so clear and a mixture of charts and patterns with lots of diagrams and photos. It's a really pretty book just to look through

In Stitches - I really want to make more use of fabric and my sewing machine and having seen some great home projects via some of the blogs listed at the side here I came across Amy Butler's book. Still a bit nervous about starting anything from this although it seems so well explained - I think the biggest issue for me will be making the right fabric choices.

I really liked the look of this organiser for the side of the bed or the side of a chair and think I could make really good use of a couple of these so will definitely try this in time.

Cupcakes - I love cooking and am actually a reasonable good and intuitive cook but I'm not a great baker, although my son is. I love cupcakes and follow a couple of good foody blogs - I will try to remember to post the links. In this amazing book you have everything from the simple to the completely decadent and I can't wait to give them a go.

All of these books are beautifully photographed and great to just read as well as seeming to have great instructions although this isn't tested yet. I love nice books! If anyone has any recommendations for additions to the library please let me know.

Happy Friday tomorrow when it gets here!

Old Shale

Finally finished the Old Shale Scarf. It still needs a light blocking and the ends sewing in but I couldn't wait. I love this feather and fan type pattern. I used Indigo Moon Merino in crabapple - it's a gorgeous tomato red, the camera sadly drains a bit of the colour from it. One Christmas present down , far too many to go....

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Craftaway a Sunday

The theme on Craftaway a Sunday this week was butterflies and although I had lots of stamps to choose from I wanted to push myself away from the prettier look and go outside my comfort zone a wee bit. Finding this side of crafting really difficult at the moment, since rediscovering my love of fabric and wool. Hopefully a trip to the craft show will help re inspire me- first stop the mojo stand!

the close up shows the added dimension and also the gold leaf distressing that didn't show up well on the main image.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Family night out

Flying through today - off for a family night out at the rugby to see these guys in the Heineken Cup, Glasgow Warriors vs Toulouse

Years since I've been to the rugby but looking forward to it. Go the Warriors! Now can I move with 3 jackets on, the downside to watching sports outside in Scotland at night in October...

Thursday, 16 October 2008

A quiet one

Today has just been a day of taking stock. Oh my word how did I end up with so many half finished projects, just the few I found before I started hyperventilating....

1 mitten to finish for my Aunt - the other one is done
Lacy scarf - supposedly for a Christmas present mmmm we'll see
honeycomb vest/tank - for me for work
short sleeved Cherry top - again for me for the summer

2 canvases started and not completed - backgrounds done
6 birthday cards for October/November
Christmas cards - ongoing
Wedding invitations - don't ask
3 Family recipe books - for gifts

Christmas Advent decoration
and several half completed cross stitch kits - honestly I was too scared to open the bag to see!

Now I am not complaining - I love my job I truly do - but I could seriously not go out to work. Between all of these ongoing projects and the list of ones I want to start I could easily have very full days and still never be bored.

I know many many crafters share this feeling too, anyway back to the pins. Will add some pics tomorrow, need to update my Ravelry projects in any event.

Have a good evening,

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

I'm a lucky girl

Look at all these wonderful goodies that came from Scrappelise, all thanks to the lovely Audrey B, who nominated me to receive this parcel.
Such beautiful papers and great bits and bobs - I'm going to have no excuses now for not getting on with the scrapbook!

A big thank you to both ladies, much appreciated. I'll be passing on these good wishes to others soon so watch this space.......

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Well today has been a day of organising - why is it these things always seem like a good idea when we start. Any way job well done - Stuart had wanted to move things round in his room for a bit so the sleeves were rolled up and we both got stuck in. Thank goodness he is fairly tidy so it wasn't that big a job really!

Managed to make a wee something for Craftaway-a-Sunday's autumn challenge, been a while so dug out some favourite stamps to play with!

Looking forward to a day up in town tomorrow and a nice lunch out with our fine young son, feeling very blessed this week, good health, good family and a few good friends...

Monday, 13 October 2008

Ah the holidays!

So how did I spend my first day in this week off?
It was bliss and started something like this

All whilst listening to the piano tuner make the piano sing in a way it never has in this house - well not yet anyway, come back in 20 years.

It's a beautiful day here now, love it when the trees are starting to turn so took a little walk with the camera in hand. The village looks so pretty with the afternoon sun on it don't you think

The hedgerows are bursting too, especially the hawthorns so lots of chirpy little fat robins bobbing about.
Off for a bit of crafting to round off this near perfect day......

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Welcome to a new home

Ok so I give in - it's too hard to find time to post once never mind maintain 2 blogs. And even then they were too specific. There were times when I would happily have blogged some event or other but it didn't fit with the other two. I am leaving them open - primarily for me so I don't lose photos or links. If you are looking for a link it may be there

Seona's stamping - mixed media and papercraft
Sho knits - knitting

I am doing this for me, my family and friends, so make no promises as to what or when I blog. All visitors are very very welcome (please say if you have the time). Ihope that you find something to catch your eye as we go forward.

Have a great weekend one and all!