Tuesday, 5 January 2010

First of many

I was going to say that this year I resolve to blog a bit more but let's be perfectly honest it would be hard to blog any less than I have over recent months. So moving on...

It's just been a beautiful winter wonderland round here for the last two weeks. I know it can be a real pain for folks getting out and about, but, I do like my seasons to be what they are supposed to be. We've had some gorgeous walks and have taken lots of pictures, all in a similar vein to the one above.

Any crafting over the holidays was functional really. Using last year's cards I made this year's thank you cards.

I made a few cabled neckwarmers for quick gifts.

I made this pretty shawlette just for me - Cedar Leaf Shawl by Alana Dakos. It's so handy to either throw round your shoulders, wrap several times at your neck or to wear as a scarf. Alana is also a lovely friend and writes very straightforward patterns, especially if you have little girls to knit for.

Back to work tomorrow for me, but, at least we've had a lovely relaxing yet productive break!

Friday, 1 January 2010

A very Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. May 2010 bring you all health, wealth and happiness, granting all your dreams and aspirations, crafting and otherwise.

Looking forward to blogging again soon.