Thursday, 16 October 2008

A quiet one

Today has just been a day of taking stock. Oh my word how did I end up with so many half finished projects, just the few I found before I started hyperventilating....

1 mitten to finish for my Aunt - the other one is done
Lacy scarf - supposedly for a Christmas present mmmm we'll see
honeycomb vest/tank - for me for work
short sleeved Cherry top - again for me for the summer

2 canvases started and not completed - backgrounds done
6 birthday cards for October/November
Christmas cards - ongoing
Wedding invitations - don't ask
3 Family recipe books - for gifts

Christmas Advent decoration
and several half completed cross stitch kits - honestly I was too scared to open the bag to see!

Now I am not complaining - I love my job I truly do - but I could seriously not go out to work. Between all of these ongoing projects and the list of ones I want to start I could easily have very full days and still never be bored.

I know many many crafters share this feeling too, anyway back to the pins. Will add some pics tomorrow, need to update my Ravelry projects in any event.

Have a good evening,